Our reputation precedes us internationally, particularly in the Pacific Islands which we are very proud of.




The Wakaya Club Resort, Fiji

Project Description: Water Treatment Plant & Waste Water Treatment Service

Reaman Industries supplied a 10m3/hr water treatment plant to produce potable water to the Resort’s water supply from a multiple water source. The water is filtered to 5 micron and softened through industrial water softeners at the end of this process. The treated water passes through taste and odour treatment processes prior to entering the reticulation system. As part of the ongoing support for the Resort, Reaman Industries supplied a supplementary waste water treatment plant to better handle the waste water loading.


This plant is based on the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Process, which is an extremely efficient and low cost operation very suitable for tourist resorts that are located remotely from urban support.


Mana Island, Fiji

Project Description: Water Treatment Plant

In 1993 on a visit to the Mana Island Resort in Fiji, Reaman Industries were asked to review an existing Japanese built waste water treatment plant. We discovered the steel tanks were in good condition so Reaman proposed a conversion to an SBR plant that was accepted, upgraded and commissioned in 1994.

10 years later it was discovered the steel tanks were no longer fit for purpose and we proposed a much larger 450m3/day plant on a greenfield site adjacent to the existing plant using concrete tanks using state of the art technology. This was completed in 2004 and is running today producing a first class effluent that the Resort recycles around the property for secondary water usage and garden irrigation.