We provide water blowers, diffusers, aeration, and filtration products throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.



Reaman and Canadianpond have worked together developing the NZ market after Canadianpond success in providing solutions for water quality issues and deicing projects for marinas, lakes and ponds since 2003 in USA, Europe, Asia, and Canada.


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Storage Tanks

Reaman Industries is a company with 50 years’ experience working in New Zealand and around and Pacific proving water and waste water treatment plants and storage tanks.
Reamans is the New Zealand agents for ROSTFREI and are proud to have a range of tanks that are engineered and manufactured for NZ building consent requirements.
ROSTFREI have a large rang e of Tanks made from Tara Blue Steel and come with up to 36 year warranty* and PS1 Certificate by Registered Structural Engineer. ROSTFREI has more than 8000 installations in 25 countries worldwide including New Zealand.


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We supply industrial blowers for a range of applications.


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