Reaman Industries offers a wide variety of individually styled, environmentally sound, waste water treatment alternatives, equally suited to tourism, local authority, commercial and industrial markets.


We offer a turnkey approach to waste water treatment. From initial concept to installation, commissioning and the most important facet of all, after-care and management. This allows for treated effluent to be recycled for toilet/urinal flushing and irrigation, and for treated sludge to be on-used for soil conditioning or composting purposes.



Sequence Batch Reacting (SBR)

Our SEBAS SBR technology uses single or multiple tanks (Reactors), basins or lagoons, with either intermediate or continuous influent, but with cyclic aeration and decanting of the treated effluent. The SBR process is able to achieve a consistently high effluent quality with regard to BOD's and suspended solids reduction. This quality wastewater system can safely discharge effluent to land or water without affecting the environment.


This means that our SEBAS SBR Waste Water Treatment Plants have a number of applications suitable for tourist resorts, small and large communities, industrial and leachate effluent streams, including:

  1. Resultant treated effluent can be safely recycled for toilet and urinal flushing which conserves scarce fresh water supplies.
  2. Irrigation of tourist and hotel gardens & nurseries can be carried out all year round which provides the restful ambience to which these discerning properties aspire.
  3. Treated effluent in storage tanks can provide remote hotel and resorts with fire-fighting capabilities over and above swimming pools, or fresh water storage.


Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC)

Our S&P Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC) Waste Water Treatment Plants provide a simple, low cost, but effective means of treating waste waters. The RBC process can achieve effluent quality results of BOD5 20 mg/L and TSS 20 mg/L. With tertiary filtration treatment we can further reduce these levels to BOD5 10 mg/L and TSS 10 mg/L.


Nutrient removal can also be achieved by recycling a varying percentage of the effluent back through the waste water treatment plant. The treated effluent can be discharged to overhead irrigation systems (after disinfecting), or to subsoil irrigation systems, which do not require the effluent to be disinfected.



Containerised Waste Water Treatment Plants

We manufacture and supply S&P RBC Waste Water Treatment Plants mounted in standard ISO 20ft and 40ft containers for either portable or fixed installations. Flows in excess of 250m per day can be catered for and the plants can be designed for any conditions.



Waste Water Treatment Plants – Management and Maintenance Services

We offer the following management and maintenance services:

  1. Review and reporting on conditions of your existing plants with a view to reducing operating costs.
  2. Advice and budgetary costing of upgrades for poorly operating plants to achieve substantial increase in effluent qualities and reductions in operating costs.
  3. Maintenance schedules and costs for three monthly, six monthly or annual servicing of your plants. This includes written reports on completion of each service.
  4. Ongoing operational support on a daily/weekly basis for plant operators and owners.