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The Wakaya Club Resort, Fiji

Project Description: Water Treatment Plant & Waste Water Treatment Service

Reaman Industries supplied a 10m3/hr water treatment plant to produce potable water to the Resort’s water supply from a multiple water source. The water is filtered to 5 micron and softened through industrial water softeners at the end of this process. The treated water passes through taste and odour treatment processes prior to entering the reticulation system. As part of the ongoing support for the Resort, Reaman Industries supplied a supplementary waste water treatment plant to better handle the waste water loading.


This plant is based on the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Process, which is an extremely efficient and low cost operation very suitable for tourist resorts that are located remotely from urban support.


Contract Value: $55,000 (NZD)

Construction Period: 6 Months



Mana Island, Fiji

Project Description: Water Treatment Plant

Reaman Industries Ltd was commissioned to construct a new 450 m3/day SEBAS® SBR for the Resort.  This was due to the imminent collapse of the existing wastewater treatment plant tanks and to add to the capacity of the plant to handle additional Resort accommodation now and in the future. 


The SEBAS® SBR Tank was purpose designed by a registered Civil Engineer and constructed by Pacific Pools Fiji under the supervision of the Resort’s Chief Engineer.  The SBR Reactor was fitted out with manual influent screens, submersible influent pumps and the Rehau fine bubble diffusers and the air supply is generated from rotary lobe blowers. 


The floating decanter is a proprietory decanter designed for this project.  The treated effluent is  pumped to the effluent screen filters before discharging to the storage lagoon adjacent.  From the irrigation lagoon the effluent is irrigated to the Resort’s lawns and gardens 

Was/Ras pump provide the return activated sludge and the wasting sludge processes. 


The complete system is run automatically through a PLC with an operator interface panel.  This enables low operator assistance and ensures the integrity of the entire process.  To ensure that fault diagnostics can be achieved easily if required, the process can be viewed through a “dial up” modem.   


During the commissioning phase extensive staff training was undertaken. The site is visited regularly under a preventative maintenance regime to ensure that equipment can operate efficiently under the extreme Fijian climate.  The process is operating correctly and the Operators are fluent with the process and controls. 


This plant achieves BODs and TSS loading less than 10 mg/l plus nutrient level reduction. 


Contract Value: $300,000 (NZD)

Construction Period: 5 Months